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Due to irregular expression (obviously due to piling workload and meetings) and easily cracked t*t, my supply has dwindled drastically since beginning of the year. I had no choice but to supplement with infant formula.

With the dwindled supply, baby doesn’t seem to want to suckle anymore because the flow is reduced to a trickle. I think it is also because now that he is taking solid food, his milk intake is less. Most times when I offer (before bedtim), he would reject. Even when he is not rejecting, after initial suckles, he’d push me away and look at me with an expression which I interpret as “Why there is no milk?”. After that it’s impossible to get him to take the b.r.e.a.s.t anymore.

Haih… I think I may have to stop milking before he turns one. 😥 *sob sob* I guess I’m not ready to wean him, yet baby is ready to be weaned.


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My maternity leave is over and I’m back to work now. 😐

In fact, this is going to be my 2nd week at work. I haven’t really settled down as I’m in the progress of moving office. So, lots of spring cleaning to tidy up the cubicle.

Frankly, after two months of not working, one gets lazy (as in lazy to get back into the rat race 😛 ). I do not look forward to the days of early conference calls and following up on the projects. The only plus of getting back to work is to be able to update this space and share what has been happening since I birthed.

The last one month has been VERY hectic. Let me fill you in on what had been keeping me busy. Firstly, we finally got our new car after 6 months wait. 😕 Am pretty pleased with the car except that the fuel price went up a few days later. 😦


Secondly, it’s the many trips back and forth to my apartment to clean up the place. I think my tenants never once clean the bathrooms in that one year they stayed; it was so dirty aitelyu! If you’ve got an apartment to let, take this piece of advice from me; don’t ever let to company which use the apartment as their employee’s living quarters, and especially if the employees are single guys. I was very upset because the main door lock was broke and they don’t even have the courtesy to inform me! Hmmph! They are also irresponsible as they have lost the main entrance touch’n’go card and 3 elevator access cards, and most of all, the whole set of apartment keys!!! Can you beat that?

Then we have to find new tenant because we are not moving into the apartment due to sudden change of plans. Luckily, the apartment is quite sought after so it was successfully leased without much time lapse (discounting the cleanup time). Now thinking back, I was too ambitious to have planned to move 6 weeks post natal, without anticipating so many things to come up in the same month. I would’ve been so stressed had we gone ahead with my initial plans.

Thirdly, the maid I employed arrived. Luckily I planned for her to arrive 3 weeks before I come back to work. She comes in really handy in cleaning up the apartment. Since her arrival, I was kept busy training her. I hardly get proper sleep because baby gets up to nurse at night, and I have to get up early in the morning to teach her what to do and supervise to see if she does it correctly. It doesn’t help that I’m still staying with MIL and the maild doesn’t have a lot to do during weekends until we move to our place.

So there, a very hectic month for me though it might not sound so to you. 😛

I have another two posts long overdue; that’s baby’s birth and his name. I hope to steal some time this week to pen it down. Stay tuned.

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No pictures this time! 😛

Anyway, I went for antenatal check-up last weekend and the doc said everything is normal; BP is still low, urine clear etc. I only put on 0.7kg in the last 2 weeks, bringing the total-put-on-weight to ~9kg. She then asked if I want to see baby, to which I replied with a ” uh… hmmm… err… ok” because couldn’t quite decide.

So, I lied down on the examination bed for the ultrasound scan. As usual she took measurements, showed and told me which part of the body it is etc. It’s getting quite crowded in the womb, hence the 2D image only able to show part of the body. Baby’s head is down but not engaged yet, and this shy one still has his hands over the face. So my hope of having another 3D image of the face is dashed. 😦

Unable to get image of the face, the doc scanned and printed a very clear 3D image of baby’s genitalia instead. 🙄 *sigh* Had I known baby is still playing peek-a-boo, I would’ve declined the ultrascan and save the $$. Oh well…

Baby now weighs about 2.5kg and is estimated to be ~ 3+kg when I deliver. Entering my last month of pregnancy, I really feel like a beached whale (Added: waist line is measuring at 42.5 inches now and there’s 3-4 more weeks to go!!! 😥 ) . It’s uncomfortable too when Braxton Hicks tensed up the belly. Oh I just can’t wait to start maternity leave so that I can see my feet again!  😛


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Protected: 5 more weeks to go…

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The Hippo is Here!

Move aside, the hippo is here!!! 

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Theoretically, based on my LMP, I should be in 32 weeks gestation now.

But ultrasound measurements of baby’s growth indicates I’m trailing by one week, i.e. 31 weeks gestation.  And I know this is right because I know the date baby is conceived. 😉

At 30 weeks, I measured my bump and it has swelled to 38.2 inches (OMG!!!). I feel as if I’m Elastic Girl (from The Incredibles), being able to stretch this extent and more! 😆

Visited the gynae last Saturday and it marks the end of my monthly checkup. I will see her fortnightly from now on. I am now weighing 52kg; gained 2kg since last visit probably because I ate too much during CNY.

Gynae managed to snap a not-so-clear 3D shot of baby’s face. This ‘lil one is a shy fler as he always position both arms & hands in front of his face. So, the gynae had to nudge him a bit for him to move. Now we can see him. 🙂

baby 3D

I can’t wait to start maternity leave that’s why I’m thinking of starting the countdown. 9 more weeks to go… but I’m so slack I haven’t prepared anything. *sigh*

P/S: Will post up the 3D shot after I scan the pic onto the PC.  

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