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Big Brother’s Day

Happy Birthday darling! Although it’s been 9 years, I could still vividly remember the day I gave birth to you. Anyone who had asked how old you are after knowing it’s your birthday couldn’t believe you are 9 already; it just shows how time flies. However you are still childishly playful and don’t behave like a 9 year-old. :\



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If you are eating or have just eaten, I might suggest you to skip this post. If you still insist on reading, 后果自负.  

Last night in the car on our way back, big boy urged me to drive faster as he was going to have bowel movement. Below was the conversation (translated from Hokkien) that took place in the car.

Big boy: Ma, when can we arrive home? I want to pang sai liao!

Me: Soon… soon.

At this point, girl decided to offer her thoughts.

Girl: Koko, just like me, this afternoon I lao sai after coming back from school! And so much too!

Big boy: Lao sai is different.  Lao sai the sai is soft and loose (hokkien: nua nua); pang sai the sai is firm and hard (hokkien: teng teng). *spoken in a matter-of-fact-ly tone* 

Girl: First time the stool is firm, then second time it’s soft… *also in a matter-of-fact-ly tone*

Big boy: bla..bla..bla..

Girl: bla..bla..bla..

Couldn’t recall the conversation after that because I was tyring hard to stifle my laugh! Hahahahaha 😆

I don’t know about you but I find it very funny.

You must be thinkning what a weird person I am… -_-“

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It’s Been A While

… since I last update. I know, my bad… 😦

I don’t have time to craft a proper entry. Just hope to jot down whatever is on my mind. So here goes…

L has entered toddlerhood since 2 months ago. He walks quite steadily, occasionaly trips when run walking faster. On speech development, he’s been picking up a lot of words, especially the last syllable of any words. Although he didn’t get some of the pronunciation correctly, we understand what he meant because of his gesture/action when he says the word.
Just some examples:
-braa *while pointing to picture of zebra*
baa *while stretches out hands* = bao-bao 抱抱 carry
min *points to vitamin C bottle*
papa, mama, che che, ko ko, ah ma (3rd sound for paternal granny, 4th sound for maternal granny), kung (grandpa, grand-uncle)… although he knows all these quite a while ago, it was difficult getting him to call me. It was as if he is holding a piece of gold nugget in him mouth, no matter how many times I asked or entice him with food he just won’t say the word. But one day (couple of weeks back) when I came back from work, he was standing at the grille door calling “Mama! Mama!” very excitedly. Just imagine my joy! 🙂 Even after 2 kids, it’s still a very special moment to hear from my little tot. 🙂
-yee..aaaa *refers to papaya; he will continue with yee..aaa after we say pa..pa…
good *he says this whenever he tastes something he likes, and nodding his head at the same time
book *he loves to flip/read books*
teet-teet = pacifier
-mo *refers to elmo*
no = nose
nen-nen = milk
walk = go down and walk
go *haven’t figured out what he meant :P*

expression by gesture:
shaking head = don’t want
nodding = want, yes
whenever I say chao-chao(smelly), he will go “yeee……”*fanning hand in front of nose*
point and make noise = i want *whatever he is pointing*

He understood
no no = no/cannot
ear, eye, nose, give, keep, want or not? (in which he will nod/shake head), mum-mum or chiak (eat); baby cot, onh-onh (sleep), pom-pom (bathe) etc.

L loves food, good food for that matter. Once, my mother was cooking bak-kut-teh, he smelled the aroma and ran to the kitchen to tell granny he wants soup LOL.

As for brother, he has just completed his 3rd school assessment; got improvement in BeeEm but I need to send him for Chinese tuition. He has interest in Science as that’s the subject he scored highest. I’m majorly pissed by the cabinet’s decision in reversing the learning maths and science policy. 😡

Sister, J, on the other hand, has got a concert coming up. Apparently this year her class will be singing instead of dancing. She has started JMC lessons, enjoying the class but I have to spend more time on practicing with her.

Both brother and sister are watching HSM over & over again, imitating the dance moves of “Bop to the Top”. 🙄 I think my kids love to perform… I know big brother loves to perform for sure because he asked to take part in some action song dance where his team (representing school) got 1st runner-up.

Well that’s all for now. Will update photos in another post. I will password protect though… don’t worry, will give hint. 😉

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Studio Shots

Didn’t get any feedbacks at all on which brand of portable electric cooker is good. 😦

I’d really appreciate if you can share your experience on portable electric cooker.



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Notes on L

Just going to jot down some quick notes on L’s development.

He can make more sounds now, like papa, mama, keke (哥哥), kaka (car), mum mum etc. He certainly knows what those words mean but he won’t utter it if you asked him to. Just like, if I ask him to call mama, he won’t say a word. He says it when he wants to.

He understands a lot of things/what we say. Pa said there was once he heard the school bus in the evening and said “keke”.  He is very good at pointing with his index finger, at anything he wants. If he sees his brother/sister eating, he will want a share too by pointing at whatever they are eating. 良仔:手指指是我的专长 😛 

He knows the meaning of clap and will do if asked to.

Oh I can finally see his four upper front teeths! Yay! They’ve finally emerged from the gum.

He is showing a lot of interest in the foods we eat. This is so different from last time; after he started solid, he wasn’t very adventurous about foods. He would always turn away if we try to feed him something. Mother says he is scared of people poisoning him. Hah… now is total opposite! He wants to eat everything we eat. 妈说他现在贪吃喽! 

He is not walking yet but can stand up by himself from squat position. He can crawl very well. And to my horror, climb the stairs like an expert even though nobody taught him. Once he climbed up to the middle of the stairs already before I found him; nearly gave me heart attack! Also, he always climb up from his high chair. Actually he fell from his high chair one week before his birthday. My bad. I was very worried the 24hours after the fall. But baby didn’t learn his lesson and continues to climb up from his high chair!! 🙄

One week after his birthday he fell from our bed. Haih! *feel guilty* Had his PD checked him when we went in for his MMR jab one week later. PD says everything is fine. 自此之后,常常提醒自己 从此以后不能让宝宝离开视线以外,很危险。

My boy is kind of  ‘siuk poay’ (惜皮). PD check his knee, elbow and wrist reflexes using the ‘hammer’ (is this the right term?) during the MMR jab appointment. He cried!! 哭到很苦的样子。

妈妈坏!宝宝哭了还酱好笑。 😛

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Lil’ Man Turns One


Happy Birthday Darling! You will forever be the little baby in our family.

Lots lots love from Papa, Mama, Koko & Cheche.


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Kindy Sport Day

Last Saturday was girl’s kindy sports day; the ‘sports’ events are all telematches since the participants are all kindie/nursery kids. It was held inside the building and every child gets to take part in an event.

Let the pictures do the talking.

before start

Before event starts.

 oopsie2 steady

Girl participating in an event.

I partnered girl in a telematch where the child has to feed the mother mango pudding (those type with nata de coco in it that you get from supermaket). Our team (us with another 5 mother-daughter pair) didn’t win but it was good fun! 🙂

Watching these children in telematches will make you grin at their innocence. They do not seem to understand that they are in a competition; they will attempt to do the task right slowly rather than rushing through. They are not  kiasu at all, haha!  

纵然老师和同学们都会替比赛者加油打气,比赛者们的动作都大多是慢条斯理的。而而且,打气是由老师开始带动,孩子们才开始会喊同学的名字给他们加油。不过,好笑的是,他们可以为不分彼此为敌队打气的喔!真的是纯真可爱到… 😆

They are also very honest in the competition. For example, one of the telematch requires the child to throw a ball in the air and walk and then catch the ball again, from the starting point to the other end. If the ball falls, they will get the ball and go back to the position where the ball fell and start from there. Now  isn’t that cute? I doubt we adults or teens would display this kind of honesty lor… 😛


Award ceremony. (Every child gets a medal because “Everyone is a winner!”)  I missed this because baby pooped and I had to bring him to the car for change.

Here are some photos of the boys after the events ended and everyone retreated to the back of the premise for some snacks.


It’s very difficult to catch baby smiling on camera nowadays. Here’s a lucky shot. 


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