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I took Papa and my brothers to this Arirang Korean Restaurant last Saturday for dinner. It is situated just opposite boy’s school. The restaurant has high ceiling and is very spacious, hence the ambience is not smokey at all eventhough quite a fair bit of grilling is going on.

I used to think eating Korean cuisine is expensive, relatively compared to say… Japanese. But after a few visits, knowing what to order and have better estimation of the portion, it is not that pricey after all. Besides, the banchan (side dishes) is replenishable FOC. 😀

The restaurant taukehsoh grilling wine samgyupsal on the hot plate. Grilling is done in the restaurant’s open space but away from diners’ table.  

Served to us when the grilling is done. Oh, they serve free flow chilled Korean tea. It’s kind of refreshing though my first sip of the tea had me thinking it was coffee!! My brother says it’s akin to drinking coffee water! 😆

Complete with onions, garlic slices, green chilli pepper, sesame oil, doenjang, lettuce and perilla leaves.

Bulgogi (regular portion) cooking on the pan. See the juices simmering? Yumm…

There are the usual complimentary banchan (differs day to day), seven of ’em. Will update and post the pictures if I manage to get a clear shot from the camera.

This place is owned and run by Korean family. Taste wise it is as authentic as Seoul Garden, therefore pretty popular among their own nationals. As for price, Arirang is definitely more worthwhile due to bigger serving portion and nicer ambience. Pity they don’t have kalbi on the menu.

Arirang Korean Restaurant
11-G-1&2 Gottlieb Rd.
(Ground floor of New Bob Center)
Reservation 04-2268518

Updated 20/6:

Forgot to add this.

6 slices of watermelon were served as complimentary dessert; one slice for each. Everyone had taken their share, leaving one slice for me on the plate as I was busy feeding girl the last few spoonful of rice.

After boy finished his watermelon, he saw the last slice and naturally reach for it. Pa then asked him, “Why you didn’t leave one for mama?”

Boy: Mama, do you want? *handing the slice of watermelon to me*

Me:  … 🙄 *tough one!! -_-” *
       Okay one bite, then you can have the rest.

Everyone: 😆


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Delicious Lamb Shank

Last Saturday I took my family to Solid Rock Cafe to try out the deliciously juicy lamb shank. At RM18.90 per serving, it’s really very very reasonably priced! My mom had beef Wellington, that day’s special. Children had pan fried butter fish, which they finished without problem.

The place is opened for lunch and dinner; closed on Mondays. If you are in the vicinity and planning to have western meal in a decent cafe, try this place. 

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We went to try out a newly opened restaurant (I presumed so) called FoodLoft in Gurney Plaza. The decor of the place is quite classy; not very toddler friendly though because the restaurant only has two high-chairs! The outlet serves multiple cuisines, rainging from western, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, local favourites just to name a few. The restaurant’s concept is similar to Marche, where each patron will be given a card which you will use to place your order. One would have to walk to their posh-looking kitchen area to place order on the food you want, upon which they’ll scan the bar code from the card. If I’m not mistaken, drinks are self-serviced i.e. you have to bring the drinks to your own table.

Although we didn’t have to wait very long for the food to be served, the staff’s service leaves much to be desired. The extra bowl and teaspoon I asked for were never brought to the table. Somehow the waiter whom acknowledged my request conveniently disappeared. They have many looked-like-busy staffs; are they hired to look busy or to serve? Anyway how long does one need just to bring a bowl and spoon?

Hubby and I decided to try the Vietnamese beef pho while we ordered unagi don for boy; girl decided to have my pho instead of sharing rice with her brother. Our pho turned out to be koay-teow instead; it tastes okay but didn’t come close to the one I had in Beaverton, Oregon. The Beaverton’s pho is really authentic Vietnamese! *Thumbs up* Unagi don is good though, quite a big chunk of eel garnished with lots of finely shredded nori; boy enjoyed his meal. All of us had one big ais kacang to share 😉

Will we go back again? Not until they have more high chairs, or that girl is tall enough to reach for her food while sitting on ordinary chairs.

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From the garden

Know what this is? Do you like it? Look at the shiny, firm yet juicy flesh…

Here’s how it looks like hanging from the tree, and some already dropped/plucked. It used to be quite expensive (and still is I think); therefore rarely gets to eat this when we were younger. After we have moved to our current place (my mama’s home), we planted the fruit tree. Since then we have been able to eat this to our hearts content straight from our own garden. My MIL grew this plant too; the last I counted while taking photos, there are 7 fruits hanging on the tree 🙂

Want some?

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Nyonya Food

Yesterday evening we went to try out this nyonya restaurant in Tanjong Tokong. It is situated near Naza Hotel; a residential premise with its interior modestly decorated with few framed nyonya photos. Service was quite fast as there were only two tables occupied, one being ours.

We had tau yew bak, assam pedas, inche kabin, jewhoo char, kiam chye bak-kut th’ng to go with rice. After that dessert was pengat. Verdict: all dishes tasted good (meaning edible and balanced la :P), of course tau yew bak still cannot compare with MIL’s. The bill came up to RM75.30; that’s including drinks. This is a more reasonably priced yet good nyonya food outlet compared to those more established ones on the island. One thing to note though is that they only accept cash… a small establishment’s approach. Weekends only dinner available.

psst… these pictures were taken after we’ve started eating heheh… so the portion of the dishes aren’t really that small 😛

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Last weekend we went to our regular Japanese restaurant for lunch again. My boy always refer to this place as ‘Sukiyaki’ because most of the time we were there he will insist on ordering Sukiyaki set meal just because of an egg! *roll eyes*On the left is the Sukiyaki set meal that comes with rice, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles, egg, two slices of fruit, and a scoop of Haagen Dazs ice-cream that’s served after the meal is finished. The set is priced at RM18++. Pretty reasonable huh? The portion will really stuff you to the brim, I assure you! This statement however does not apply to the mumbling guy though…LOL! 😛

The last time Domestic Rat was there, she didn’t get her ice-cream that should come with set lunch. Poor thing! So to avoid dissapointment, I asked if the ice-cream promotion is still valid after placing our orders. The waitress assured me yes. This time around it was nice of them to give us three different flavours (since we ordered three sets); we got rum & raisins, green tea and strawberry. Yummylicious! Look at how my girl dig in to her strawberry ice-cream!

This is the Makunouchi Bento I had; comes with rice, shashimi (salmon, tuna and squid), tempura (two prawns, aubergine, fish fillet, sweet potato and carrot), small piece of saba shioyaki, chawanmushi, miso soup, two slices of fruits. Priced at RM24++. Heheh, what’s missing from the photo is one of the tempura prawn and the dashi sauce; my boy has sunked his teeth into the prawn before I could snap a photo using my handphone!

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32 The Mansion

There’s this restaurant called 32 The Mansion near E&O Hotel; actually it’s on the left before reaching E&O Hotel. Gosh I don’t know what is the road name, just know how to get there. This is the building’s exterior. Looks grand eh? It’s a colonial building by the sea.

We had dinner there before the mid-autumn day, to celebrate MIL’s and hubby’s birthday. Yeah, their birthday is just one day apart.

This is a shot of the restaurants interior. It’s dimly lit, have a romantic ambience don’t you think?

They serve western food as well asian dish(es). Well the asian dish I know is crab meat laksa, which is one of their specialties. It tastes somewhat like siamese laksa with crab meat in it. I like the six-spice chicken, nicely roasted, very fragrant and the meat is tender and juicy.

They serve ala-carte as well as set menus. The set dinner comes with salad as starter, soup of the day, main course of your choice, cake of your choice as dessert and then coffee or tea. The price of the set depends on the main course one chooses.

This is another section of the restaurant with different decor. It looks brighter before sun set due to the glass panels and looks out to the sea. A very nice view.

We’ve attended a friend’s wedding reception here and it was simply lovely. The food spread was nice and the guests were free to mingle around, unlike the traditional chinese course dinner where one is confined to sitting at the table.

I didn’t post up photos of the food because I’m not doing a food review here. The place is suitable for dating as well as for families (since they do have baby chairs).

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