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Children Book Review

You all know there this book called “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” right? Now there is a version for children; it’s called “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids”.

The book actuallly teaches the same 7 habits as the adult version, but illustrated through interesting and easy-to-understand story. Ian enjoyed it. Even I enjoyed this book more than the adult version. It has got guides for parents too at the end of each story.

Now that we are done with the book, getting them and myself to practice the habits is another thing. I guess we just have to learn and do it together.



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Kitchen Question

I am thinking of buying a portable electric cooker but can’t decide what to get because there are so many different types (halogen, induction, induction ion etc. ) and brands in the market. I am still weighing the pros and cons of the different types, its electricity consumption and price tag. (actually the last two factors are very important to me 😛 )

Care to share your experience with me? What would you recommend and why?

Thanks in advance.

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Today is baby’s 11th month birthday and he is weaned from breast milk.

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Standing Up

These past few days baby has been learning to stand up by holding the sides of baby cot. Now he is very adept at it and just supports himself by one hand after standing up.

See Ma! I can stand!

See Ma! I can stand!

Picture not clear because it was by a lauyar handphone. 😛

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Happy New Year!!

We had New Years eve dinner at the club. This year they organized lucky draw; hubs got lucky but the ‘prize’ is not useful … 😐

‘Prize’ is a set of discount vouchers for purchase of bath/spa/jacuzzi equipments. 

Unlike two years ago where we enjoyed the evening  and ushered in the year at the club, this time we didn’t because ILs were tired and the crowd treated the event as a karaoke session. Not as fun as last time. 😐

Though without party and dance, we ushered in 2009 by watching colourful display of fireworks from Esplanade and Butterworth at the beachfront. My three night owls were probably oblivious to the crossing over of 2008 to 2009 but they enjoyed fireworks nonetheless.

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On Polling Day

I jumped queue! Wakakakakaka….

It was not my intention though. I was lining up waiting for my turn to vote. As the queue slowly get shorter, the policeman stationed in front of the classroom entrance saw the very pregnant me in the line and signalled to go to the front.

I looked behind and front, and asked if he was calling me. He nodded; so I walked to the classroom entrance, ahead of 5-6 people whom were in line before me. 

Kind of felt apologetic to the man waiting his turn there as the policeman asked me to go in instead when call for next came.  Heh… guess we do have considerate authorities.

Anyway, this is by far the most exciting waiting-for-election-results I’ve experienced! 😉

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Yesterday I recieved a mail package from little red dot down south. A Christmas cum New Year pressie from a friend made through blogging. Though we’ve never met, I’m really touched by her thoughts and sweet gesture. Thanks again DR, it really warms my heart!

The gift is beautiful, I liked it very much. You have very good taste. 🙂

Hope to catch up with you when you return to the island.

psst… I also sent you an email. Have a question I’m too embarrased to ask here. 😛

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