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I have yet to complete the San Francisco tour part II, still owing some Mommy bloggers  a few tags, two sponsored posts to be written in my other blog, on top of the not so regular mundane update etc. etc. etc. These are what I wanted to do on this blog, but too little time in the office shhhh……  😛

So, please bear with me for the time being wokay?

Oh ya, by the way, we (kids and I) happened to chance upon this on my way to work yesterday.


Is it called an airship? Updated: The correct term should be a blimp. I had also enlarged the dimension so that it is clearer.  Believe it or not, this is my first time seeing a real airship (real as in not through television), though a small version. 看到(不是透过电视荧幕看的那种)小型飞船,赶快指给孩子们看。毕竟这不是常有的机会;长了这么大,我也是第一次看到而已。他们都很兴奋,妹妹还说要我带她去坐飞船呢!


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Blogspot Revived

Just to let you know that I’ve revived my blogspot site for an obvious reason I won’t mentioned here. 😉

Therefore from now on I shall be maintaining and updating both sites.   

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Should I?

If you still remember, I switched from my blogspot site a while ago when I had trouble switching to beta and afraid of losing all my posts. Now I’m having thoughts about writing in blogspot again though with different focus/theme, while still maintaining this site.

What made me thought of that?

All the buzz about being paid for blogging is really tempting me. Tell me, what do you think? Should I? If yes, any good suggestion for a theme or focus?  

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Switching to WP

The new cruise I’m boarding after abandoning the previous ship is non other than WordPress. Welcome to my new site. I will post new updates here from now on.

Incidentally, I signed up for my Wordpress account on my 1st blog-birthday, July 14th. I just realised today. Heh! Hence this blog is a continuation from where I left off in blogspot.

There’s the usual initial stage of getting-used-to of wordpress. However after fiddling with it for a while,  I think I’m ready to proclaim my love for it. LOL!

Cheers to my new site! Champagne, anyone? 

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Abandoning Ship

The day after Egghead blogged about the Blogger beta version, I comtemplated signing up to try. I took notice that one of the condition of moving to beta is that one can never turn back to the normal version. I thought, migrating within the same blog host only, should be easy-peasy. So my itchy finger pressed mouse to click on the ‘agree’ button.

Within minutes I received the confirmation email of successful migration. I was very pleased at this point, for it was indeed speedy. Then I followed the instruction in the email to click on the beta link, hoping to see new features as promised on my dashborad. But alas… all I get was “The blog is currently moving to the new version of Blogger in beta. Please try back in a little while.” instaed. It seemed my blog is no longer accessible. I feared for the worst, i.e. loosing all my previous posts.

Immediately after turning on my PC this morning, first thing I did was to access my site. To my relief, my site is loading again, with the latest post. I proceeded to a full backup of the blog, just in case.

After this scare, I’m thinking of abandoning ship, in this case the Blogger ship! Who wants to abandon ship with me? Say aye!

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I Turned One

Teeheehee… one year ago on this date, I finally started this blog after reading others’ for more than 6 months. If you are interested in why it took me that long to start on, read this. I’m a slacker in terms of blog updates 😛 Because my total published posts is <100 after one year of inconsistent blogging! 😛

It seems bloggers always have an obligatory post about their blog’s birthday or anniversary, therefore I’m publishing one for myself, since I’m a blogger what… LOL!

So, happy 1st birthday to iamadomesticogddess.blogspot.com!

*sing… happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…*

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My New Look

Hey, if you are not visiting me for the first time, did you notice any difference here? *winks*

I have finally stumbled upon an image I think is suitable for dressing up my site. I had to edit the original image by using paint brush *sigh*… yeah you’ve heard me right, paint brush…! Because I don’t have photoshop in my computer, and my photoshop skill is nil too! LOL! Nevertheless, I’m quite happly with the result but believe photoshop can do much better.

Putting up the image as header not as easy as I’ve thought (hahah… maybe because I’m dumb!). I had to try several times and also check on other people’s coding to make sure the codes are put in the right places. With trials and errors, and staring at the codes for minutes to figure out what’s wrong, finally I’ve manage to put it up. *phew!*

With this new head gear, I feel as if it has given me a new identity, a sense of belonging… a unique existence! I like the new look; it is warm and classy, like a woman of impeccable taste (hahah… I’ve got a thick skin haven’t I told you before? :P) . But still it lacks something… like colour! Due to me being clueless about HTML codes, I can’t do much now until someone can enlighten me on how to select the colour I want and add the codes.

I hope you like my new look as much as I do.

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