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To those who’ve been watching this space for updates, thousand apologies to keep you waiting. I was¬†staying in a confinement home thus didn’t manage to go online or update. After full moon, still haven’t had the time to go online as three kids are a hand full heh! ūüėõ

Anyway, as the last post stated, baby arrived 1.5 weeks earlier than due. He was a whopping 3.55kg at birth, and considered a big baby for this petite mama (others say one, not me… bleh!).¬†My gynae and I were both very surprised when his birth weight was annouced. Hmmm… no wonder I had a hard time pushing him out haha.¬†Oh by the way, I had a successful VBAC, so, yay for that! Birth story will come later… need more time to¬†recall and write.

Baby¬†resembles his sis¬†very much¬†and the sister adores him. She¬†smooches him everytime she¬†came¬†to visit baby and I in the confinement home. She would demand to open up the blanket wrap to see baby’s eyes,¬†then hands,¬†feet,¬†ears and tummy. When it’s time to leave, she would ask me to bring baby back home.


As with most¬†babies, lil’ boy also has jaundice and¬†had to be admitted¬†to hospital for phototherapy on the fourth day¬†because his bilirubin level was 13.5 mg/dL.¬† He¬†had to stay for two nights before being discharged. Now he is a healthy baby, weighing 4.7kg @ 1 month old. ūüôā

Now, some photos…

At 5 days old

Expressions… @ 19 days old
               Alert                                    Crying

           Almost smiling                                             Yawning

That’s all for now folks. Will try to get online more often.


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